Saturday, March 1, 2014

                     Save or Splurge?

Hey guys! This is Jessica and this is my first ever post.  A little about myself:  I am a wife and mother in her 30's who loves make-up, fitness and fashion.  My sister in law (Darlene) and I would find ourselves endlessly talking about all the make-up items we loved or hated and we thought...hmm. why not start a blog? So here we are!!

Today I am doing a review of make-up primers.  I just started using a primer under my foundation and I have to say it has stepped up my current make-up routine. If your 30 or older as I am, we tend to start getting fine lines and wrinkles and Primer helps to fill some of those not so pleasant lines!

I first tried a "Dupe" primer from Maybelline -Babyskin pore primer. I bought mine at Ulta for about $6.  I also received a sample of Smash box photo finish which retails for about $22 on  

               Save or Splurge?
  I must say I am a bargain Queen..I hate paying full price for anything. So I tried Baby skin first.  It felt a little oily at first and I did see a slight difference in my foundation.  My pores were still visible though. I wasn't all that impressed. 

                                             The next day I tried Smashbox Photo finish and I was blown away by the way my make-up looked. It looked so flawless. My pores looked smaller and less visible.  I really didn't want to like this product because I do love a bargain, and it is a bit pricy.  But I think it would last awhile, as you only use a really small amount of it. this case it is a SPLURGE!!! 

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                                                               Have a Lovely Day !